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This site is primarily about life and my journeys around in Denmark(I'm danish). But it is also   about my travels around in the world. Some years ago I quit my job to follow my heart and live my life in a more quiet and harmonic way. And to make some of my dreams come true.

The reason why I originally created this site is that I like to show others how beautiful the world is and hopefully share a feeling of how important it is to take care of the nature and live in harmony with it. Because, the earth's nature is the foundation for our own and future generations existence. And  I also hope we can see each other as frinds across the world and make peace.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures. And if you get just a sense of what I saw and experienced when I took the pictures, then I think I have fulfilled the purpose of making this homepage.

Best regards from Niels
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NBL's Travel,Nature & Life
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